• Powerful Enterprise Solutions for Your Used Smartphone Supply Chain

  • Information Security Certification

    • ISO 27001, Information Security Management System
    • ADISA, The Asset Disposal and Information Security Alliance
    • MAS, Mobile Application Basic Security

    Phone Doctor Plus App

    Our best-selling (6 million downloads and counting!) iOS and Android app runs a comprehensive diagnostic check on your phone with over 70 functions in just three minutes. Inspect and resell your phone through our integrated system all within the app.

    Sogigo! - A Price Comparison Platform for Used Phone Resale and Insurance Offers

    Our powerful price comparison platform conveniently provides mobile recycling, repair and contract price comparisons from over 20 channels worldwide.

    Phone Doctor Biz

    for Large Businesses

    ​Our B2B solution offers powerful features for inspecting phones comprehensively and at volume. Activate, diagnose, and inspect 70 critical test items in just 3 minutes. Phone Doctor Biz also cleanly erases all data on the phone and syncs to a greater database.


    Smart Device Trade-in System

    First introduced with Samsung Taiwan and Sony Taiwan, STS makes smartphone trade-in easier. We partnered with PChome and Shopee Taiwan for a more convenient online trade-in experience.

  • Professional Mobile Diagnostics and Management

    Our leading diagnostic technology has been adopted by manufacturers around the world. Our system has been shown to help increase diagnostic efficiency by 50% with a misdiagnosis rate lower than 0.1%

    Efficient Volume Mobile Processing System

    Improves diagnostic efficiency by 50%.

    Mobile manufacturers and processors around the world rely on our automatic diagnostic technology

    • Expedited mobile activation flow
    • 70 diagnostic items in 3 minutes
    • Military-grade data erasure backed by a $US 1 million insurance policy

    Online Management Platform

    Reduce mis-diagnostic rate and standardize your workflows

    Used phone vendors and processors use our online platform to manage their supply used phone supply

    • Conveniently manage your diagnostics data 
    • Customize your deployment to your preferred workflow


    MAC/ Windows/ iOS/ Android

    • Available for iOS and Android mobile devices
    • Diagnostic software compatible with MacOS and Windows


    Upgraded information security level

    • Protect your customers’ confidential information
    • Certified development environment available
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