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    Scan your phone in just 3 minutes. Appraise your phone's value in 1 minute.

  • Phone Doctor Plus App

    A 3-Minute Checkup. Reliable. Available in 11 languages

    Instant Appraisal

    Avoid disputes with trade-in vendors with our gold standard diagnostics check. Our appraisal service takes into account the condition and appearance of the phone to give you the best expectation of what you can get for your phone

    Mobile Phone Diagnostics

    Our patented technology means that Phone Doctor Plus provides the most comprehensive hardware check in the market today. Avoid potential invisible issues and get the best resale price for your phone.

    Tap Test

    Our phone diagnostics check makes inspection fun and intuitive with interactive tap elements

    Individual Item Diagnostic

    • Also provides single item test to diagnose each item individual

    • Swipe right on the "Tap Test" screen, and you can find individual item test information

    Mobile Status

    • Detailed phone specifications. Our diagnostics check tests your phone's battery, processor, memory status, data, and other components
    • Constantly hitting your bandwidth caps? You can monitor your phone's network usage with Phone Doctor! 
  • App UI

    Our simple UI means that a user can complete the entire mobile diagnostic check at home without any help from a specialist.

    Appraisal, Interactive Tap Test and Individual Item Diagnosis

    Diagnostic Report