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    Phone Doctor Plus has tested over 15 million phones.

    Now with NB Doctor, you can test your laptop(notebook) too!

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    NB Doctor for Windows is now available

    NB Doctor for Mac is now available!

    There are many analyzing software suites out there but none of them can actually thoroughly test all of your notebook's hardware components (keyboard, slot, fan, speakers, for example).

    NBDoctor, made by the same developer of the phone diagnostic app Phone Doctor Plus, now can test over 30 items of hardware.

    Download and use it today for free!

    NB Doctor for Windows is now available!

    iMT, the developer team behind the Phone Diagnostic APP Phone Doctor Plus, has now launched NB Doctor for Windows computers.

    NB Doctor for Windows can test the functional reliability of various hardware components in your notebook computer including the camera, speakers, keyboard or fans. As with the Mac OS version, the Windows version is also FREE to download and use.

    For those on Windows versions prior to10, we are working hard to support those operating systems in the near future.

  • Introducing NB Doctor

    NB Doctor is comprehensive, easy-to-use and fast

    Easy, Comprehensive, and Fast

    Anyone can use it

    Over 6 million people have used Phone Doctor Plus to test their phone hardware without needing a user guide.

    Using the same design philosophy, NB Doctor can walk you through a test for your laptop.

    An in-depth test

    Tested things you know and don't know

    NB Doctor will test your laptop's every possible component from the keys in the keyboard to the internal temperature sensors to even the fans.


    NB Doctor practically runs itself

    Play music and ask if you hear it or not?

    NB Doctor uses your notebook's own speakers to automatically test its sound output.


    Will it work in a noisy environment?

    NB Doctor uses the same audio filtering techniques used in Phone Doctor Plus for over 5 years. With such optimizations, NB Doctor can work normally in a degree of noisy environment.


    We use DSP technology for more than just audio signal processing​

    DSP is also used in by professionals in the industry for vibration detection and image processing. For example, to help detect stains on camera lens.

  • How to Use?

    No instruction manual needed. Just follow the prompts


    Have you ever installed a 3rd party application in your computer?

    Installing NB Doctor is as easy as that


    Starting NB Doctor is like making coffee for the very first time.


    Don't worry. We add text or picture prompts before each test to make it exceedingly easy.

    Still have a question?

    If you encounter any problems, please contact us via the contact form below.


    We welcome your comments and criticisms. They are important in making us better.

  • FAQ

    Please contact us if you cannot find the answer to your question below

    Q: Cannot launch because of the Malicious Software prompt?

    Right click to open the menu. Hold command and click “open." When an alert dialog pops up, click "Open" and the application will launch normally.

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