• Quickly and Easily Manage Smart Device Trade-ins with STS

    Our STS software takes the guesswork out of the mobile device trade-in process

  • Main Advantages

    Our software helps make the mobile device trade-in process easier with convenient, seamlessly integrated services

    Professional Diagnostics

    Our integrated diagnostics suite provides fast and precise tools for identifying any potential hardware issues. In just 15 minutes, your entire staff can be trained to use our software and smoothly cut down the trade-in process time to under 10 minutes

    Online Management for Trade-in Cases

    Our software smoothly tracks trade-in cases throughout the trade-in process. Staff upload trade-in orders through our easy-to-use system

  • Our Trade-in Services and Products

    With STS, your users can complete the online trade-in process in less than ten minutes!

    STS Smart Device Trade-in System

    Complete mobile diagnosis and appraisal system. On-site mobile device recycling services

    • Automatic and standardized appraisal system. Users can appraise their device at home
    • Users can track their trade-in case status through cloud order management


    Phone Doctor Biz commercial diagnostics

    • User can inspect over 70 hardware features of their mobile device in 3 minutes
    • Diagnose and appraise device value before trade-in 
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