• Mobile Device Diagnostics by iMT


    With over 4.5 million users and 30 million successful tests, we provide a complete diagnostic solution that helps processors work faster with better, more accurate results

  • Phone Doctor Biz Features

    We provide a complete service for used mobile device processors

    Highly Automated

    Our smart system provides a more efficient and precise way to diagnose and troubleshoot mobile hardware


    Adopted by global mobile processors for managing used devices at scale

    Convenient, Instant Management

    Cloud-hosted for universal availability and convenience

  • Recommended Products

    Our automated diagnostic processes speed up your workflows by up to 50%

    iMT IO System

    Software for managing every part of your used phone supply chain. Process incoming phones quickly and accurately with our custom features

    • Quickly prepare a device with expedited activation and software installation
    • Keep tabs with our inventory management features and label printing
    • Detect unofficial iOS device components
    • Protect your liability with a record of the device's internal and external appearance before it goes to the customer


    Easy, fast and precise mobile device diagnostics software with over 4.5 million users and 30 million successful tests

    • Over 70 diagnostic items
    • Automated process is 50% faster than a manually run diagnosis
    • Improved customer satisfaction with a 58% decrease in device return rates 
    • 70% of test items are performed automatically with little human involvement
    • Tests each component individually 
    • Includes a battery charging and discharging test 
    • Includes a front and rear camera dust test 
    • Support both Android and iOS devices


    Quick and complete data erasure

    • Military-grade data erasure techniques
    • Fast data wiping
    • Reinforced with a $1 million USD insurance policy
    • Certified by ADISA


    Catch unofficial components and avoid part-cheating practices

    • Detect unofficial Apple parts in customer devices
    • Protect yourself against potential liability by creating a component profile snapshot before and after delivery
    • Compare component snapshots of the same device to detect violations and avoid part-cheating practices
    • Compatible with Windows and MacOS computers

    Data Management

    Customizable software for better performance and outcomes

    • Manage diagnostic lines and operators
    • Set custom diagnostic items
    • Get completed statistics of inventory status, diagnostic reports, and other relevant items
  • Used Phone Processor

    In partnership with mobile manufacturers

    Relies on Phone Doctor Biz at volume for diagnostic services

    Bak2 Group Ltd.

    Leading Europe-based specialist uses Phone Doctor Biz for managing the recycling and insuring of mobile phones

    Manufacturer-Certified Diagnostic Center based in Taiwan

    Diagnoses mobile phones coming from manufacturer's trade-in program. Process certified by top mobile manufacturer

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    Learn more about us. Please provide company or personal information, contact details, and information about the volume of monthly devices your company processes. We will contact you shortly.